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Wally Crane was born and raised in Connecticut, where stopping by the local deli for a quick breakfast sandwich was a daily ritual.  These establishments catered to the people of the town and nearby college students.  A Deli was a place that people went to for quick food and the sense of community.

When Wally moved to Fort Myers to attend FGCU and earn a business degree, he noticed there was a shortage of mom and pop sandwich shops near campus.  Although there was an abundance of incredible restaurants and quick service food options, he missed the home town feeling he was used to.

Wally’s Deli was established in early 2015, with the idea to sell Northeast style breakfast sandwiches and lunch subs with a few modern twists. Wally's Deli is not a traditional deli where you can buy meat by the pound, the name was designed to pay homage and tribute to historic Delicatessen. Wally's Deli is focused on sandwiches.   Wally's Deli is a place you can cure your hangover after a fun night, grab a delicious sub to fill you up or stick to your diet with light options. 

Wally, along with his team of family and friends, have created a fun atmosphere for everybody to enjoy.

With great food, friendly staff, reasonable prices, sandwich names with fun pop culture references, and a place that supports the community, Wally’s Deli is sure to give you an enjoyable experience that will make you want to come back for more!

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